Rider Testimonials

Veterinarian Testimonials

"I find that RenoVō® often succeeds in clinical cases where other treatment modalities have repeatedly failed. It has become an important option for patients with refractory conditions and appears to be a major advancement in equine medical practice.”
"RenoVō® is the regenerative medicine sector game changer. I haven't had any other existing modality provide a better response on stifle injuries, suspensory injuries, tendon injuries and resistant sarcoids. I have treated performance horse injuries for 42 years and after seeing the exciting results with RenoVō®...it is going to be hard to retire."
"Our practice has had phenomenal results with RenoVō®. In almost 20 years of practice exploring the benefits of regenerative medicine, nothing has shown more promise than this novel amnion product. The combination of matrix scaffolding substrate, growth factors with similar protein profile of PRP but in higher concentrations, and the benefits of IL-1ra protein make it extremely successful supporting tissues in a variety of clinical cases. Equine Amnio Solutions stands behind their product and provides great support. They are committed to scientific research and evidence-based medicine with proven results."
"As a practicing racetrack veterinarian, I have been extremely impressed with RenoVō®. My clients have seen very positive and lasting results.”
"The scientific focus of the RenoVō® team is unmatched by industry counterparts. I’ve been consistently impressed with the allograft’s clinical performance and it may well become standard-of-care for many conditions in my practice.”
"RenoVō® has largely replaced other regenerative treatment options at our facility, including IRAP systems and autologous stem cells. The combination of safety, efficacy, affordability and ease of use makes this allograft a compelling option for our providers and equine owners. We are planning to significantly expand use of the product as an adjuvant in surgical procedures.”
"Having used PRP for more than 16 years to help horses recover from a variety of soft tissue injuries, I have been impressed with the enhanced performance of RenoVō® when applied to many challenging cases.”

Owner Testimonials

"Our vet recommended RenoVō® after an injury in a calf roping horse. The results were amazing!!! Our son was back on him several months earlier than anticipated and is still going strong 18 months later!”
"We are beyond grateful for being introduced to RenoVō®. We purchased our OTTB in November of 2019 and after X-rays our vet recommended RenoVō® as an option. Thank you so much for helping us and our boy “Winslow” get back into training for his new career. Amazing service and an amazing product.”
"RenoVō®… do it!! This mare has been battling a difficult to diagnose lameness since spring of 2018… Being we were already a year and a half out from the injury, neither stem cell nor PRP were very promising… we decided to try RenoVō®… After over 2 years of lameness it looks like we have a sound horse. So many prayers answered! Do not hesitate to use this product!!! This was literally a “Hail Mary” for this mare and her only shot at soundness. The proof is in the pudding!!”
"It was so good to be back on Saucy this weekend! And I know she was happy to be running again, she loves her job… RenoVō® allowed Saucy to be back in the arena in less than half the normal allotted time . We are less than 5 months post injury and she hung with the best of the best, making the short go!”
"Five months since RenoVō® and my horse is getting stronger every day. This product is amazing and really works! I can’t thank Ginger and Ray Johnson from Equine Amnio Solutions enough for bringing this product to my attention and being so easy to work with!”
"So great to see the world between these ears again! Daily spa time since he’s been home and just 4 weeks after receiving RenoVō®, Ray Bans is back to getting fit!”