Our team of equestrians and riders.

We have partnered with world class equestrians and riders around the world who use and support RenoVō®.

Meet our RenoVō® Athletes

We are proud of our nationally ranked athletes.

Stevi Hillman, Barrel Racer, Weatherford, TX

Stevi Hillman

Barrel Racer
Weatherford, TX

Jennifer Sharp, Barrel Racer, Montgomery, Texas

Jennifer Sharp

Barrel Racer
Montgomery, Texas

Brittany Pozzi-Tonozzi, Barrel Racer, Lampasas, TX

Brittany Pozzi-Tonozzi

Barrel Racer
Lampasas, TX

Amberleigh Moore, Barrel Racer, Keizer, Oregon

Amberleigh Moore

Barrel Racer
Keizer, OR

Emily Clark, Cutter, Tumalo Oregon

Emily Clark

Tumalo, OR

Ivy Hurst, Barrel Racer, Springer, OK

Ivy Hurst

Barrel Racer
Springer, OK

Rylie Romero, Breakaway Roper, Team Roper Header Welsh Louisiana

Rylie Romero

Breakaway Roper, Team Roper Header
Welsh, LA

Sydnie Romero, Breakaway Roper, Welsh, Louisiana

Sydnie Romero

Breakaway Roper
Welsh, LA

David Jennings, Jumper, Ocala, FL

David Jennings

Ocala, FL

Jimmie Smith, Barrel Racer, McDade, TX

Jimmie Smith

Barrel Racer
McDade, TX

Abigail Poe, Barrel Racer, Fitzgerald, GA

Abigail Poe

Barrel Racer
Fitzgerald, GA

Kylee Scribner, Barrel Racer, Able, TX

Kylee Scribner

Barrel Racer
Able, TX

Bayleigh Choate, Barrel Racer, Ft. Worth, Texas

Bayleigh Choate

Barrel Racer
Ft. Worth, TX

Avery Landry Breakaway Roper, Arnaudville, LA

Avery Landry

Breakaway Roper
Arnaudville, LA

Skyla Peters, Barrel Racer, Sublette, KS

Skyla Peters

Barrel Racer
Sublette, KS

Lee Hanssen, Barrel Racer, Rapid City SD

Lee Hanssen

Barrel Racer
Rapid City, SD

Michelle Chapman, Reiner, Eaton CO

Michelle Chapman

Eaton, CO

Emma Abbott, Barrel Racer. Morgan Mill, TX

Emma Abbott

Barrel Racer
Morgan Mill, TX

Jared Beasley, Eventer, Anderson, SC

Jared Beasley

Anderson, SC

Jaycee Kayser and Cuddle's, Barrel Racer, Ellensburg, WA

Jaycee Kayser

Barrel Racer
Ellensburg, WA

Samantha Flannery, Barrel Racer, Mission SD

Samantha Flannery

Barrel Racer
Mission, SD

Nelson Wyatt, Team Roper Header, Clanton, AL

Nelson Wyatt

Team Roper Header
Clanton, AL

Riley Minor, Team Roper Header, Ellensburg, WA

Riley Minor

Team Roper Header
Ellensburg, WA

Brady Minor, Team Roper Heeler, Ellensburg, WA

Brady Minor

Team Roper Heeler
Ellensburg, WA

Jason Stewart Team Roper Header

Jason Stewart

Team Roper Header

Cheyenne Wimberley, Barrel Racer, Stephenville, TX

Cheyenne Wimberley

Barrel Racer
Stephenville, TX

Michelle Alley, Barrel Racer, Madisonville, TX

Michelle Alley

Barrel Racer
Madisonville, TX

Team RenoVō® riders smiling at the rodeo.

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