Clinical Study
A Prospective Case Series Investigating The Outcomes Of Horses With Soft Tissue And Orthopedic Injuries Using RenoVō®
Written by : Renovo Support

A first-of-its-kind, large prospective field study investigating the outcomes of ~200 horses with soft tissue and orthopedic injuries using RenoVō® was conducted in 2019.

Criterion for inclusion in the study was lameness attributed to tendonitis/desmitis by diagnostic anesthesia and/or imaging, resulting in 100 subjects with 128 tendonitis/desmitis lesions meeting inclusion. Horses received perilesional administration of RenoVō® by the attending Veterinarian who submitted a standardized questionnaire after a minimum of six months follow-up.

The results of the field study provide compelling clinical evidence for RenoVō® as a safe and highly efficacious option for the equine practitioner. The extended full manuscript is currently in preparation for select journal submission. Data on subjects with orthopedic joint injuries will be presented and published separately.

A follow-on randomized controlled study of RenoVō® for both soft tissue and orthopedic joint use is scheduled for 2020 through the Oklahoma State University College of Veterinary Medicine.

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