Our vet recommended RenoVō® after an injury in a calf roping horse. The results were amazing!!! Our son was back on him several months earlier than anticipated and is still going strong 18 months later!”

– Rachel Mathason, Winthrop, AR

We are beyond grateful for being introduced to RenoVō®. We purchased our OTTB in November of 2019 and after X-rays our vet recommended RenoVō® as an option. Thank you so much for helping us and our boy “Winslow” get back into training for his new career. Amazing service and an amazing product.”

– Amy Thomas, Spring Branch, TX

RenoVō®… do it!! This mare has been battling a difficult to diagnose lameness since spring of 2018… Being we were already a year and a half out from the injury, neither stem cell nor PRP were very promising… we decided to try RenoVō®… After over 2 years of lameness it looks like we have a sound horse. So many prayers answered! Do not hesitate to use this product!!! This was literally a “Hail Mary” for this mare and her only shot at soundness. The proof is in the pudding!!”

– Jessi Quarles, Greenville, TX

It was so good to be back on Saucy this weekend! And I know she was happy to be running again, she loves her job… RenoVō® allowed Saucy to be back in the arena in less than half the normal allotted time . We are less than 5 months post injury and she hung with the best of the best, making the short go!”

– Michelle Alley, Madisonville, TX

Five months since RenoVō® and my horse is getting stronger every day. This product is amazing and really works! I can’t thank Ginger and Ray Johnson from Equine Amnio Solutions enough for bringing this product to my attention and being so easy to work with!”

– Angie Gardner, Whitehall, WI

So great to see the world between these ears again! Daily spa time since he’s been home and just 4 weeks after receiving RenoVō®, Ray Bans is back to getting fit!”

– Emily Clark, Bend, OR